The Robotex Technology Conference takes place October 20 - 21, 2018, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This year’s conference focuses on the following topics:

• Talents and STEAM – the future of work
• Innovations in Space Tech – no longer just science fiction
• Ethics in Technology – will AI take over the world?
• Future of Robotics and AI – let’s talk about Deep Tech

New technologies are created daily that change the way we interact, learn, work, and live. With initiatives like SpaceX and Space Nation, space travel and tourism are becoming more tangible. The line between human and machine is becoming increasingly blurred. How to navigate the ethical dilemmas of responsibility and accountability when developing AI? What does the future of robotics and AI look like?

We invite you to come hear a number of exciting international and local speakers and take part in the discussion! The conference working language is English.

robotex konverents

Robotex India 2018 Conference Keynote Speakers

Prof. (Dr.) Vineet Vashista

Asst. Professor- IITG

Robotics Lab,IITG

Mr I A Khan

CEO-Nova tech Robo

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Dr S b Jadeja

Principal,B H Gardi College of Engineering & Technology

SRA,Asia Pacific-ASME

Mr Ashwin Shah

Co-founder & Director

RoboFun Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Pulkith Gaur

CTO and Founder at Gridbots Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Prof. Raj Hakani

Asst. Professor-Community Innovation & Co-Creation Centre,Robo Research,GTU