Challenge yourself with Robotex!


Everyone interested in Robotex can help out by joining the volunteer program. Being a volunteer means helping bring to life an event that inspires youth to become interested in robotics, mechanics, IT and product design. Not to mention promoting the development of robotics in Estonia.

Could I be a Robotex volunteer?

Everyone, who’s willing to contribute their time, skills, experience and positive attitude, is most welcome to become a volunteer.

A volunteer helps out with:

  • preparing for the event, by
    • distributing information;
    • helping out with various organizing tasks
  • making the event happen, as
    • coat checkers;
    • photographers;
    • tehnical assistants;
    • parking attendants;
    • information desk admins;
    • other helpers.


We’ll ask you to meet us before you become a volunteer, so we can become better acquainted, talk about the project and how you can contribute.

Come and spend a fun weekend making something great happen together with an awesome team!

Additional information: Mr. Devendra Parmar, Robotic technical coordinator (+91 8128728882,

Sign up as a volunteer

Previous experience as a volunteer, why you want to join our team, what interests do you have.