The best possible time for trying out robotics and coding is at this year's Robotex!

The Robotex program includes free workshops for all ages, to provide absolutely everyone an opportunity to dive into the world of robotics and technology. The workshops have been colour coded to indicate recommended target groups. Click on the workshops to see more info, including exact target group and workshop language.

In case of questions or problems, contact the workshops coordinator Mr. Devendra,, +91 8128728882


List of workshops

  • How to built basic Robots
  • Self aware cyber physical systems
  • Product development
  • How does Robot see the world
  • Let’s make a computer program
  • How to built a Line Follower Robot
  • How to built a Sumo Robot
  • How to built gesture control Robot
  • How to built a Maze Solving Robot
  • How to built a flying Robot